Wildy Ambiguous Old Great-Auntie Evelyn

Yesterday, I became a Great-Aunt. GreatNevvie was born at 3:30 this afternoon to my 17-yo YoungerNevvie and his 16-yo girlfriend. Mother and baby are both healthy and doing fine –

– and old Great-Auntie Ev is feeling very much ambiguous.

The birth of a baby, and especially my dear Nevvie’s baby, is a joy and a wonder, of course – but they’re too darned young (neither one has finished high school yet, or is very close to doing so). I’m too young to be a Great-Aunt, I just couldn’t bring myself to say the word  “Great-Grandmother” to Mumsie on the phone yesterday (I expect she didn’t particularly need to hear it), and Bro is way too young to be  – for the love of crimoney when it’s sitting in the coal scuttle and crying out loud – way too young to be a grandfather.
(For the record, we are 46, 79, and 51, respectively.)


But what am I gonna do? …Tell Nevvie and his GF not to? 

(That horse is out of the barn so long since that we might as well take the barn door down and burn it for firewood.)

(To heat the baby’s bottle, maybe.)


On the other other hand, YoungerNevvie is an intelligent, talented and strong-willed young man who gets what he wants. Up until he started dating this GF, what he wanted was to be a wild boy living on edge, with plenty of drugs and destruction thrown in. He’d quieted down a little – perhaps because of getting a bit older, perhaps because of GF’s influence – before GF became pregnant; but since then he has really been working hard at straightening up and flying right. This is the longest he’s ever been with one girlfriend (over a year), and he’s kept a job for 5 weeks now – may not seem like much, but it’s double his previous record.

He’s a strong-willed young man (and yes, he is a man, if a perilously young one) who gets what he wants – and now what he wants is to keep and care for his baby. If straightening up and flying right is what it takes to do that, I expect he’s going to be the uppest straightener and rightest flyer you’re likely to see in quite a while.


But crikey if he hasn’t set himself one damned tough row to hoe.


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3 Responses to “Wildy Ambiguous Old Great-Auntie Evelyn”

  1. Yella Ojrak Says:

    Oh, touching… I barely weep for this post. Tell the new daddy to save some money up to just enough to buy 3 tickets to Indonesia. So, whenever it gets harder to breathe in the USA, they can fly over here. Jobs are easy here for white people.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Isn’t it enough to drive you up the wall? This kid is up to his eyebrows in almost every advantage middle-class America can offer, and he just kicks them all away one after another. (My brother would pay Nevvie’s way through any college or university he could get into*, and he can’t even be persuaded to finish high school.)

    (*My brother and I could only wish for and envy that kind of “free ride” as we worked our way through university (while knowing that being able to get into an American university and work our butts off to get through to graduation was a middle-class American advantage that many people elsewhere would (and sometimes did) die for.))

    The one typical American middle-class advantage he doesn’t have, though, is that he’s not white. Both my nephews are adopted, and while his brother and everyone else in our family is white, his birth father was Polynesian.
    (His genome map may be closer to yours than to mine: is that wierd or what?)

    Nevvie’s black hair, almond eyes, and delicately-dark-tan skin make him a very handsome lad; but have also gained him a lot of grief growing up among almost all white schoolmates. Coming home to a family that worries almost constantly about stuff like sunburn and skin cancer probably didn’t help much either.

    Told you I was ambiguous about the birth of Great Nevvie: it’s wonderful, it’s terrible, I admire Nevvie’s determination and bravery and stubborn fortitude, I am blazingly angry with him for getting himself into such a stupid and limiting situation –
    – and my heart melts completely at just the thought of seeing my new infant Great-Nevvie.

    Oh, why doesn’t everybody in the world behave just exactly like I think they should? :) :) :)

    (Half the time, even I don’t behave like I think should. :) )

  3. Yella Ojrak Says:

    If he’s not white, then he would be treated like any Indonesian (work more, paid less).

    In Indonesia, there are 3 social classes (we won’t admit it, but it’s there for anyone who happen to be in Indonesia to see):

    1. Native Indonesian.
    (I belong to this class)
    Is the lowest. We’re labeled as poor, uneducated, stubborn, uncivilized.
    In malls we are being watched as if we’re all shoplifters, we’re not treated like a cusomer.

    2. The Chinese.
    They always worry the natives would raid their neighborhood, while…
    The natives always worry about when our Chinese employers give us a raise (salary).

    3. The White.
    This is the highest class. Your salary is usually about 10 times higher than the skilled-and-educated-kind-of-native’s, while…
    The natives are wearing out their body just to have at least something to eat.

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