Poll: McCain Insane?


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2 Responses to “Poll: McCain Insane?”

  1. gentledove Says:

    Is he really the best the Reps have got? what happened to Quaylee?
    Just stopped by to say hello Evelyn. I hope you are well.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    I’m not entirely sure that the GOP (Grand Old Party, nickname for Republicans) isn’t running to lose.

    Once they saw that the Democrats (who take themselves too seriously for nicknames, I guess) were going to be running either Obama or Hilary Clinton, either of whom would bring lots and lots of the grassroots Demcoratic demographic out of the woodwork (to mix my metaphors :), and that Bushboy’s bad policy decisions are coming back to bite him in the backside, they may have just decided to give the Dems plenty of rope and see if they (the Dems) could hang themselves with it by the 2012 elections so that they (the GOP) could stage a comeback.

    Either that, or the secret backroom cabal that makes all the real decisions for the GOP has been drinking entirely the wrong sort of Kool-Aid.

    (And thanks, Gentle, I’m doing fine :) – I’ve just been distracted for the last week or so. Will write a post telling all about it tonight or tomorrow.)

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