Wheeee!!! I’m freeee…..

[exuberant singsong]
I got my bills paid! :) :) :)
I got my bills paid! :) :) :)

I’m free of bill-paying for another 30 (well, 24, if I were going to be more prompt about it next month) days – wheeeeeee!!!

It’s not the money (well, sometimes it’s the money, but that’s a separate issue, and fortunately a more-or-less manageable one for now), it’s the physical act of paying the bills.

I just don’t wanna.

I really, really, really don’t want to do it.

Every month, it’s a monumental struggle to make myself gather up all the mail from wherever it’s dispersed itself to (this time was particularly bad), (open that mail), balance my checkbook, sort out which bills are from where and how much they’re for, w-r-i-t-e (this is the really hard part)  o-u-t (I have to force myself to just get it done)  t-h-e (it’s like pulling teeth)  c-h-e-c-k-s,  get the checks and payment coupons all into the correct envelopes with all the addresses showing properly in all the little windows, get stamps and return addresses onto them, and get them into the mailbox.

(I’m trying to make it easier on myself: out of the nine bills I have to pay each month, one is already automatically deducted from my checking account, three are currently being changed over to being automatically deducted last month,  and one I’ll try to get changed over this month. That leaves four that won’t work with auto-deduct for one reason or another, but four is less than half of nine . :)

And now I’m done with all that for the time being: I can feel the weight falling off my shoulders, the millstone and the albatross both lifting from around my neck, the clench relaxing away from my teeth…. …oh, boy.

I think I’m going to go whirl around the room in ecstatic euphoria for a moment, and then collapse into a great big detensioned heap.


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5 Responses to “Wheeee!!! I’m freeee…..”

  1. gentledove Says:

    Angry Raisins she’s so pleased
    because her clerical chores are eased
    I just hope in months to come
    dassn’t find her account too squeezed

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Gentle Dove is well concerned:
    Creditors payable might leave me burned,
    Should I spree and spend too free,
    And outgo exceed my income earned. :)

  3. sulz Says:

    you wacky poets! :lol:

    i’ve only started working recently, so the bill-paying part hasn’t become that real to me. i just give my parents a chunk of money which constitutes my bills, my groceries, my dinners (as i still eat at home) so whatever left’s over they can do what they like with it. i expect when i handle my own bills i’d be going, i couldn’t possibly spend THAT much! or this is daylight robbery!! oh well, hopefully i’ve mastered online banking by then so avoid the actual, physical doing of paying bills. :P

  4. gentledove Says:

    Hey watch out with those direct debits, they can be rascals even in good economic times. And if they suddenly decide to strip your account, it’s a hell of a job getting it back.

  5. Evelyn Says:

    I haven’t had trouble (not yet anyway) with once-monthly auto-deductions of pre-authorized amounts, e.g. my auto/renter’s insurance co. may deduct $133.41 from my account one each month – no more, no less. And I insist on a paper statement every month.

    Anything variable, like a credit card bill – no way, Jose. I agree that a direct-debit on those would be fraught with potential disasters.

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