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Upset, Appalled, and Aghast

September 25, 2008

Evelyn Q. Gorfram

Gorfram’s Community Garden Plot
Housing Complex Community Gardens
Seattle Area Suburb, WA   %@#&!

September 25, 2008

M. T. Hedd
Building Manager at Housing Complex 
Seattle Area Suburb, WA   %@#&!


RE: My Request for Approval of “Dr. Earth 7” Organic Fertilizer


Dear M. T. Hedd,

I am upset. I am appalled. And I am aghast. 

I submitted a request for approval of “Dr. Earth 7” Organic Fertilizer for use in our Community Gardens was submitted over a months ago. Tuesday, I asked (your  colleague) to follow up on this request.  Wednesday, I received the following e-mail:

 “I spoke with M. T. Hedd about the Dr. Earth fertilizer. She states that the best fertilizer to use is the Walt’s Organic fertilizer which is on the approved list.

If you have further questions about this, please feel free to contact M. T. Hedd.”

So, which one of you is sleeping with Walt?

read on to learn whether I am sleeping with Dr. Earth