Not a “good” day…

I tell people I have good days and bad days, but I don’t usually get into what the bad days are like…

It was a bad night:  I finally got to sleep at about 5 AM. Regained something like conciousness at about half past noon.

Good news: there’s enough coffee left in the pot from yesterday to make iced coffee. Not as good as fresh cooffee, but much better than no coffee.

Bad news: I need to empty the clean dishes from the dishrack so that I can wash enough of the dishes in the sink so that I can move enough dishes into the sink to free up enough counter space to fix breakfast. (This is not nearly as atypical a start to my day as I might wish).

Was still putting the clean dishes away when I realized I really should sit down and rest.  Belatedly took my own advice only after I dropped the clean lid of a plastic container onto my none-too-clean kitchen floor.  

Forty minutes helping the cat with his nap. Then I got up and washed most of the dishes – cleared the counter, but wound up exhausted and still not having eaten anything to speak of, at four in the afternoon. 

Cat got tired of sharing the bed with me (it’s only a Queen size, after all), and I was getting pretty hungry, so I got up again. It finally occurred to me (doh!) that many of those dirty dishes had been a side effect of making pasta marinara last night, and there was a plate of leftovers that I could just heat up.

Took the plate out of the fridge, loosened the plastic wrap, opened the freezer compartment door, and stared in for a while thinking that something wasn’t quite right…

Oh, yeah, that’s it – you don’t heat things up in the *freezer*, you heat them up in the *microwave*. Sure they’re both white rectangular metal boxes, but they don’t work quite the same (admittedly, my microwave lives right on top of the refrigerator/freezer, but still…). 

Finished the dishes while the pasta was heating in the *microwave,* ate, and am exhausted again. All the blood’s in my stomach doing the work of digestion, leaving my brain severely understaffed. 

Whatever it was that I was supposed to try to get done today, I’ll bet you it’s not going to happen.


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