Thank You for Your Concern…

[This is a rant. A raging, furious, maddened-to-and-beyond-the-breaking-point rant. This is what happens when the raisins really do get angry. You have been warned.]

I understand that your intention is to be helpful. And in reply to your suggestion, yes, I do avoid dairy.

I also eschew egg yolks, abhor artificial sweeteners, bypass beans and pass by peas (leaving, in fact, all legumes alone), can’t tolerate tobacco, and must manage multiple chemical sensitivities (to latex, paint fumes, carpet glue, etc. ad infinitum).

I’ve tried myofascial release, trigger point injections, and almost every drug on the market; not to mention chiropracty, naturopathy, & homeopathy. I’ve been through sleep studies, colonoscopies, and tilt table tests; and have been hospitalized for exhaustion. Any number of GP’s, FP’s, PCP’s, immunologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, and just about anyone else with a medical license have palpated all 22 of my Fibromyalgia “tender points,” generally finding 18 to 22 of them to be tender (one especially talented doc found 24).

When I lived in Oregon, I was being treated there at what was said to be the best Fibromyalgia treatment & research center in the Pacific Northwest. Now that I live in Washington state, I’m on the waiting list to be seen here at what is said to be the best Fibromyalgia treatment & research center in the Pacific Northwest. :)

This illness has hobbled my health, kiboshed my career, scotched my savings, wrecked my retirement plans, put flight to most of my friendships, ended the majority of my enjoyments, and generally thrown everything I have wanted, worked for, and fought for, my whole life, kit-and-caboodle, into a cocked hat. 

Do you really think, for even the most minute nano-instant of a sub-atomic split second, that I would have let all that happen to me if all it would have taken to stop the travestial trainwreck being inflicted on my entire existence was something as EASY AS SIMPLY AVOIDING DAIRY FOODS?????!!!!!!!

… oh, but thank you, so very much, for your concern.


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